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Adventures in Paradise - The Journal

Looking to South Pacific
- 12-22-2004 -

Indonesia, N. Sulawesi, Lembeh and Bunaken
Well this trip came about somewhat unexpectedly; a friend who had already purchased a space on this trip was unable to go. I was fortunate enough to get to take his place on this incredible trip. We left Denver Dec 2 for the grueling 25 hours in the air to arrive in Manado and that doesn’t include all the layovers. Needless to say we were a bit tired by the time we arrived. After a get acquainted drink and a little paperwork at Murex Resort we boarded the MV Serenade for 10 days of fantastic diving. There were several many of the people I had already meet before and some new faces as well. We spent the first couple days diving in the Bunaken area. This was an area that offered some wide-angle opportunities as well as macro. We dove at the pier of Paradise Hotel and this was full of great critters. Then we moved on to Lembeh where the real muck diving is at its best. The five days we spent there offered up some of the finest underwater experiences ever in my life. Many of the new photos on the site were collected during this time. We did spend a couple days at Kima Bajo Resort that hadn’t really opened quite yet, but it also was spectacular. We did get a whirlwind tour of Singapore on the way in what a beautiful city. Unfortunately we had to leave, or maybe fortunately we came back to Denver Dec 16 just 10 days before the Tsunami arrived in this part of the world.

The past year and a half photographing and diving
- 11-18-2004 -

The time spent on the Nekton Pilot as Photo pro and Divemaster provided a great learning experience. Being able to dive and photograph daily is great for honing skills in both. The Bahamas and Belize provide numerous opportunities to acquire quality underwater photographs as well as topside images.
The last few months spent at my computers processing images in Photoshop CS and preparing this Web Site for all of the anticipated viewers. Developing a website is a bit of a challenge. Thankfully my Webmaster is very patient, knowledgeable and has worked extremely hard to help make this possible.
At this same time I spent many hours with the brilliant technical advisers at Reed Photo imaging learning the nuances of the digital printing industry.

Digital Dive Inn 2 Little Cayman Beach Resort
- 09-25-2004 -

Now this was an adventure Frances the hurricane was coming into Miami just as we were supposed to arrive. I changed flights and went down two days early to avoid the weather. Others came through Houston at the scheduled travel time. Little did I know at the time we would be evacuated two days before our scheduled departure due to Ivan. The get together more than made up for any of the weather difficulties. I renewed old acquaintances from the first Digital Dive Inn and made new friends. It was a great learning experience and opportunity to pickup some new tips from fellow U/W photogs. I was surprised to learn after we returned that I had won the best of show and a nifty prize. Considering the level of talent on this trip it was especially rewarding. The link to the competition results. http://www.digitaldiver.net/ddi_04_comp.php

DEMA / Digital Dive In 2003
- 10-11-2003 -

My first leave from the Nekton Pilot coincided with the Diving Equipment Marketing Association's annual convention and show in Miami. It was great getting to renew old acquaintances and meet with the 'movers and shakers' of the dive industry. I was able to acquire new Ultralight arms for my strobes.

Following DEMA, I joined a great group of digital divers at the first annual DigitalDiver.net shootout for a whirlwind four days of diving, shooting,equipment and software seminars and fun in Key Largo, Florida.

More new info Comming Soon!

Paddy Ryans Trip to the Gulf Coast Summer of 2010
- 11-30--0001 -

  • Gulf oil spill Visual results

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